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I am offering a new service that I refer to as PERSONAL ACCOUNTING. This service will provide financial information about your household, including a statement of income and expenses (categories specifically to address your information needs), a statement of assets and liabilities, and a cash flow statement showing how much money came in and went out.

The information will be obtained from original documents that you will provide to me on a monthly basis including credit card slips and monthly statements, cash receipts, listings of cash expenditures made without receipts, check registers and bank statements.

A financial statement of NET WORTH will be prepared based on value of your personal assets as well as your liabilities. This information will be very useful in obtaining a  mortgage or auto loan or doing retirement planning.

Statements will be prepared monthly. Information will be presented for both the current month and the year to date.

I have designed this program to be affordable and comprehensive so that you can benefit fully from the information provided.
Personal Accounting
Have you ever asked yourself,"Where does all my money go?" Have you ever wanted to know what you are worth but don't really know how to go about it? Have you ever wanted to put together a household budget but didn't know where to start?
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